5 Ways You Can Stay Mentally Fit

Trust me, these will surely work.

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COVID-19 not only changed the world but the way we think and feel as well. In fact, this virus is related to how we feel, think, and sense things. It brought a lot of fear and anxiety into this world and we have all seen how the once pretty world, turned out to look like hell.

While many were fell weak to the fear of COVID-19 and the impact it made on the people and the economy, there are others who managed to fight the battle of restlessness, apprehension, and terror by following certain habits; habits that were small but had made a huge impact on their lives.

I want to share with you 5 ways you can stay mentally fit as well so that you can get a grasp of your life and live the life according to the way you want to live, and not let the virus, or whatever you fear be in control.

These ways are easy to follow and will help you to be strong, motivated, and fearless to the challenges that lay ahead; be it COVID-19 or just a plain headache. So I want you to stay with me till the end and clap if you thought this article was helpful.

Way 1 — Rest and Exercise

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I know, both of these seem a bit too contradicting, but don’t worry, it’s easy to follow both if you have a clear schedule. During the lockdown period, we all went crazy lazy, and don’t you all deny that fact because it’s true. Sure, there might have been around 25% of people who worked out and continued to eat healthy food, but the remaining percentage became lazy, easily tired, and uninspired to do anything. I also know that you have already read many articles that said you need to work out, and they are as true as they can get. Working out not only releases stress but makes you smarter, more productive, and healthier. You don’t actually have to work out every single day, but weekly 3 times is enough to give your body the energy and motivation it needs to keep working on. Think of your body as a cogwheel and just imagine what would happen if your wheels got rusty. You put oil, right? So similarly, your workout will be the oil to your body (Not a great example, but you get my point).

Way 2 — Spend Time With People You Love

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By doing so, you’ll not only make memories and distract yourself from your fears, but you’ll learn to appreciate the little moments, and the fact that you’re here with your family, smiling, laughing, eating, and drinking while there are so many others out there who don’t have a family or are far apart from each other. We should learn to be grateful for what we have — at least now more than ever because of everything that’s been going on. I didn’t want to make this article emotional, but now that we’re on this topic, just go and hug one of your family members right now. It’ll make you feel better and it’ll increase your productivity too!

Way 3 — Plan A Self-Care Time

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Taking care of others is important but taking care of yourself is mandatory and should be your priority. With everything that’s been going on, it’s easy to lose track of our emotions, our thoughts, and our feelings. We might be overstressed but we won’t know it unless someone points to us how moody we are or how much we’re working instead of spending some time apart from the computer or our phone. A ‘You’ time is equally important as ‘family’ time because it will help you rewind and untie all the knots of information in your brain. Your body is your mosque, church, temple (whatever you may call it) so take care of it as one. You can just take a hot shower, spend time in your room and listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts, or simply read a book after burning a fragrant candle. There are a million ways you can enjoy time by yourself. it needn’t be for hours, but just half an hour or even fifteen minutes by yourself without thinking or doing anything stressful will cool your mind and make you feel motivated to continue working.

Way 4 — Learn New Things

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You might think that with your new start-up company or your new Shopify store, you might not have much time on your hands to learn new knowledge, but stop working so much and turn into a student for at least an hour because learning new things will not only give your mind something else to focus on but will also help you gain new insights and wisdom. knowledge is vast and we must always be hungry to devour it as much as we can. You can either learn a new language, or a new topic about something interesting or something you’ve always wanted to learn even though it’s not in your field, or you can simply learn how to draw. There’s so much learning going around that you’ll simply never run out of it. Feed your brain new information so that it’ll grow larger and over time you might even get wiser (It’s just an expression, so don’t take it too seriously, lol).

Way 5 — Buy A Pet

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Pets are the greatest comfort one can find. They are literally stress-relievers and your best friend! You can buy a cat, a dog, a hamster, or if you’re allergic to furs, then buy a fish or a plant! but listen to me and buy a pet for heaven’s sake! You won’t even need to work out because you’ll be busy running around your cat or dog and just cuddling with them! Pets are life’s greatest blessing and if you don’t have a pet, then I don’t know what else to say. I’m telling you, having a pet has its pros. I’m sure those who have a pet will agree with me on this one. I have a pet hamster, his name is Lilo and he’s just the cutest furball ever! Just looking at me brings my blood pressure to normal and makes me feel happy. Even though animals don’t talk (which I wish they would) their company is enough to make our lives better. If I’m right, and if you think I’m right, then you’re buying yourself a pet right this instant.

I hope you liked this article and felt it was helpful. I’m not just writing this for the sake of it, but because I know that people are still going through traumatizing and stressful events. It’s not easy to live in fear of COVID-19, and it’s not easy to always have a smile on your face, but let’s all take it one day at a time and learn to be grateful, to be mindful, and happy all the way till the end.

Thank you and if you’re feeling happy, please support me by buying me a coffee! I would appreciate it ❤

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