Maintaining Mental Health Is Hard, But Not Impossible

Don’t say I can’t…say I can and move on.

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Spend Time With Family and Friends

Some small talk goes a long way. Being surrounded by your loved ones will make you feel happy and grateful for having such a kind and caring family. There are so many out there who don’t even have parents, so the first thing we must do is be grateful for having a family that makes us delicious food and asks us about our well-being.

Express Your Feelings

I know it’s hard but the best way to feel better is to talk to someone who would listen to you. I always go to my sister and she’s one of the most kind-hearted souls I have ever seen. She listens to me, gives me advice, and tells me to not overthink something. I think that’s what we all need when we’re suffering from depression and panic attacks. We need someone to tell us that the world isn’t going to end and that we’re in the right place at the right time even though we can tell that ourselves.

Reduce Alcohol and Illicit Drug Intake

I don’t do drugs or drink alcohol but I just want to add this little tip because I have read case studies where people who reduced drinking were much better than those who continued to do so. No offense to all those wine and beer loves, but it’s toxic to the body and while we’re on the journey of healing ourselves, we must not poison our hearts and minds with it.

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Workout Whenever You Get The Time!

Most of you might know this but to those who don’t, working out pushes away all the stress and steam in your body along with all the sweat and the heavy breaths. It clears your mind and enhances your creativity. I suggest to work out the moment you feel a burst of energy in your body and not care about what time it is because every individual’s body works differently.

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Distract Yourself

When you are alone, it’s better to learn new things or do things that you love such as dancing, painting, journaling your thoughts, and maybe learning a new language. Because when we are alone, we tend to overthink things and that just isn’t good for our brain. Keeping ourselves busy will help us to focus more on positivity than negativity.

Relax and Smile

I envy those people who are carefree and total extroverts. They can just forget about one thing in a blink of an eye even though they are burdened with stress and anxiety. However, it’s no use to waste our energy in envying them because, in the end, we can try and be like them as well.

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Set Goals (Realistic Ones!)

Setting realistic goals can distract you, and shift your focus from unwanted thoughts to real and motivational ones. However, we must always take baby steps and not go head-on with it or else we might end up losing confidence (which can trigger your anxiety even more)

Drink Water and Sleep Well

Sleep is the most important element in our lives and without it, we might actually go mad. Getting a goodnight’s sleep (7–8 hours) can help you maintain your mental health. It’s effective and you won’t need to stay on pills to put you to sleep.

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Praying to God has helped me to control my anxiety and depression. It helped me in a lot of ways that one cannot comprehend. I’m not forcing you to pray but I would recommend it. Praying to God lets you know that not everything is in your power and that whatever happens, happens for a reason.

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